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The Society of British Bangladeshi Solicitors (SBBS)

The Society of British Bangladeshi Solicitors (“SBBS”) was established in 2008 with the intention of creating a platform for British Bangladeshi Ethnic Minority Lawyers. SBBS was formally inaugurated by the President of the Supreme Court¬†Chief Justice Lord Phillips and the president of the Law Society at the Grandeur of the Law Society Hall, London.

SBBS is the leading body representing the best interests of British Bangladeshi Ethnic Minority Lawyers in England and Wales ensuring its views are articulated and heard within the profession, particularly the SRA, Law Society, legal industry, media and other relevant bodies.

The AGM of SBBS in 2017 was conducted in presence of the President of Law Society Mr. Joe Egan.

In 2020, the SRA chair Ms Anna Bradley expressed acclamations, endorsed and highly regarded SBBS and its activities.

Since inception, SBBS has made significant progress over the years through provisions of services for the members.

SBBS has organised and facilitated numerous CPD events, policy seminars, compliance workshops, stakeholder dialogues, strategic meetings with leading figures and recognised bodies receiving high adulation for the effort. We endeavour to continue our effort for the benefit of the members and betterment of SBBS.

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